What is Clue Chase?

Clue Chase begins September 30th, where groups of 4 will travel around Norman solving clues in an attempt to finish the Chase in the shortest time. See if your team can crack the top 5!



$70Before September 30th
  • For a group up to 4 people


$85As of September 30th
  • For a group up to 4 people


“We have recently discovered that our Earth and another interdimensional Earth are being pulled together. We know that two identical objects cannot occupy the same quantum state simultaneously. Which means our world will cease to exist once this happens. Our analysts have waded through the intel we have gathered and have determined that there are several portals between our two Earth’s that allows this phenomenon to occur. The only way to close them is to send a signal at the precise location of the portal. We need your help to locate the portals and close them before the world comes to an end.” Director Adams of the Commission of Unexplainable Phenomenon and Center for Alien Knowledge on Earth.