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Room Descriptions

The Director's Cut

Can you make the Director's Cut?

[Suggested T.E.A.M. size: 2-6; Difficulty: Advanced]
It's Closing Night -- the final performance of The Director's magnum opus.
But it comes to light that your friend, Eva, fears that The Director plans for this to be everyone's final performance.
Can your T.E.A.M. stop The Director's mad schemes?

Fatal Attraction

Crazy love, seriously, CRAZY love.

[T.E.A.M. size: 2; Difficulty: Introductory]
Your team has been dispatched to help prevent a chain of dangerous events set in motion by Angela Graves. After a series of calls and complaints from neighbors and incidents with local law enforcement, Angela was brought in for further questioning to better understand her erratic behavior. The interrogation revealed that she had a deep infatuation for her neighbor Brandon York and had kidnapped his girlfriend, Stacey Giles. Angela has strapped a vest of explosives to her, set to detonate within the hour. Local law enforcement has been unable locate Ms. Giles, but believe that her vest can be remotely disabled from a device in Angela’s apartment by correctly answering three security questions programmed into it. You will need to search her apartment and try to find the answers to these questions. Can you disarm the device in time?

The Magician

Can you unlock the Magician's greatest Secret?

[T.E.A.M. size 2-6; Difficulty: Intermediate]
A Mysterious Magician is now offering you the opportunity of a lifetime!
If you're clever enough to discover the secrets behind the Magician's three greatest tricks,
he'll take you on as apprentices; but if his tricks stump you, you may find yourselves in a very
interesting situation.