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Room Descriptions

Clue Chase

City wide puzzle race! “We have recently discovered that our Eath and another interdimensional Earth are being pulled together. We know that two identical objects cannot occupy the same quantum state simultaneously. Which means our world will cease to exist once this happens. Our analysts have waded through the intel we have gathered and have determined that there are several portals between our two Earth’s that allowing this phenomenon to occur. The only way to close them is to send a signal at the precise location of the portal. We need your help to locate the portals and close them before the world comes to an end.” Director of the Commission of Unexplainable Phenomenon and Center for Alien Knowledge on Earth. Click on Clue Chase at the top of the page for more info.


You're stuck in detention, break out early. You and a group of friends have all been given detention for trying to “escape” from your last class (how appropriate!). As a consequence, you have each been given one hour of in-school detention, cutting into your weekend plans…that is unless you can find a way out sooner. You have heard stories of a student who broke out of detention before, leaving behind clues to help future students escape. However, no one has been able to identify the student or verify the claims. The principal and teachers have repeatedly denied the escape, but most students still believe the legend. Will you be stuck in detention or will you discover clues left behind by a former student and make your own escape?

Fatal Attraction

Crazy love, seriously, CRAZY love. Your team has been dispatched to help prevent a chain of dangerous events set in motion by Angela Graves. After a series of calls and complaints from neighbors and incidents with local law enforcement, Angela was brought in for further questioning to better understand her erratic behavior. The interrogation revealed that she had a deep infatuation for her neighbor Brandon York and had kidnapped his girlfriend, Stacey Giles. Angela has strapped a vest of explosives to her, set to detonate within the hour. Local law enforcement has been unable locate Ms. Giles, but believe that her vest can be remotely disabled from a device in Angela’s apartment by correctly answering three security questions programmed into it. You will need to search her apartment and try to find the answers to these questions. Can you disarm the device in time?

The Magician

NEW ROOM! Now you see me. Now you don't! The Magician has spent over 40 years traveling the world and dazzling audiences with his performances. Throughout this time, he developed a large and faithful following, drawn by his mysterious and seemingly random appearances as much as by his amazing feats and illusions. At his last known performance, however, he declared that for his final trick he would disappear! This was the last time anyone would see the Magician on or off the stage. True to his word he vanished without a trace. You're a group of devoted fans trying to unravel the mystery surrounding his disappearance and the secrets behind his final trick. Can you see beyond the slight of hand or will you get lost in the smoke and mirrors?

The Heist

Don't get caught! Your group is attempting to steal three pieces of art from a local gallery. After several weeks of observation and research into the gallery’s security, you have learned that there are small tracking devices attached to each piece that must be disarmed prior to taking them out of the exhibit hall. Your group will have just 60 minutes to break into the gallery and work with a hacker on the outside to remotely disarm each tracking device and escape with the art before the guards make their rounds.

The Getaway

MOBILE GAME - 20 minute game for 2-4 people. This mobile room is available for hourly rental upon request and can be setup in a variety of locations. After pulling off a heist at a local art gallery, your crew has made it back to your hideout only to discover that one member, Brandon, is still missing along with one of the stolen pieces. His unusual behavior over the last several weeks leads your group to suspect that he may have turned on the group and started working with someone else on the outside to keep the piece for himself. With police closing in, you now have just 20 minutes to search his things and retrace his steps for clues about where he and the missing artwork may be.