Dear Friends of CRACKED,

After several months of deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors at the end of June 2021. 

So we invite you to help us celebrate over five years of conundrums puzzled, heads scratched, riddles solved, and teams worked. Bookings made from now until Sunday, June 27th will be 20% off with code FAREWELL. Now’s the time to assemble your best T.E.A.M. and leave your mark on CRACKED history by getting on the Leaderboards! 

We are proud to have provided over 7,000 T.E.A.M.s with the most intriguing, challenging, and unique scenarios that we could muster, and our sincerest hope is that the hours spent in our scenarios have sparked your curiosity and helped you build tools to think outside the box.

Who can play?


Businesses, study groups, little league.

If you are looking for a way to build team group dynamics Cracked Norman is full of challenging exercises to get your group thinking and communicating in under 60 minutes.

Church Groups

Youth groups and other small groups.

Looking for an afternoon outing of fellowship? Strengthen your group dynamic at Cracked Norman, or for the competitive larger groups race to beat the clock and each other.


And somewhere in between... Framily?

Nagging sibling saying they could out-wit you? Parents tired of the kids thinking they are smarter than you? Prove your deductive logic skills in any of our scenarios.


Dungeon masters to cellphone warriors.

Whether you DM a classic table top group or play online breakout games Cracked Norman has a scenario for you. Bring the action to life and book a room today.



Schedule your room now!